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We provide consulting and advisory services on accounting and taxation, external and internal auditing including forensic audit and project evaluation.Through our experienced staff and use of modern technology, we are able to meet and exceed client’s expectation for the mutual benefit of our clients and our people.


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Taxation Services

Taxation is a complex subject and a few people have time to keep up with every new and complex tax changes or statutory requirements. But things a client does not know could mean paying more tax than one has to or underpaying tax with the risk of paying back taxes and punitive tax penalties and interest. Reviewing and ensuring all accounting documents are properly filed and safely kept in your office to avoid loss of documents.

Audit Services

We offer both external and Internal audit services.

Accounting & Bookkeeping services

Ensuring every trading cost and income is properly and accurately captured and accounted for in the firm’s books of accounts to aid in production of accurate reports.

Payroll management services

Preparing and ensuring payroll deductions i.e. PAYE, NSSF and NHIF are deducted and submitted to relevant authorities on time and accurately.


we design value into profit

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Our skilled, experienced and specialized professionals will help clients in the following areas;

  • Minimize tax exposure

  • Maintain tax records

  • Income tax and VAT compliance

Quality and efficient tax service will add value to business by making business pay correct tax on due dates thus avoiding payments of punitive tax penalties and interest.

  • Corporate tax planning

  • Tax status reviews and up-dating

  • VAT issues, savings and operations including refund claim audits and follow-ups.

  • Remuneration tax planning for employees

  • Customs and excise health check.

  • PAYE health check

  • Withholding tax health check

  • Payroll management

  • Corporate tax health checks.

  • Follow-up of tax issues with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) including:-

    • Representation in tax tribunals

    • Facilitation in KRA tax audits

    • Discussions and final settlements etc